Traumatic Death: Paul Walker


Nothing can be more relevant to this topic than the sudden death of Paul Walker. He was loved by many communities due to his good looks and his involvement of one of the biggest franchises, Fast and Furious. He died from a car accident on November 30, 2013 and at first many people did not believe it. It was thought of as a hoax, another celebrity has fallen into the traps of a fake death; but after countless news articles, unfortunately it was confirmed.

His death was traumatic point blank. It happened so sudden and was hurts the most is the irony of it. He was part of something bigger than himself. He touched communities, one important community is the car community. My boyfriend is actually part of that world and it is not something to mess with. Once his death was confirmed an overwhelming feeling of sadness filled the community. No one wanted it to be true, people felt like it could have been prevented, why did it happen to him? Dying doing something you love is just a crazy idea. You shouldn’t be scared of doing what you love to do.

His death made me realize how precious life is and how short it can really be. Paul Walker was at his prime and was in the middle of shooting Fast and Furious 7. After he died, I was a little depressed because I reflected back to what I have been doing in my life. What have I accomplished and if I died right now would I be happy with how far I made it? When I really thought about it, it depressed me, because I am not where I wanted to be in life. My life plan was completely different to what is going on now, yet I have to be realistic. Nothing will always go as planned and so you just have to live everyday like its my last and hopefully by the time I die I will be proud of who I am and what I have become. So in the end Rest in Heaven Angel Walker.



3 thoughts on “Traumatic Death: Paul Walker

  1. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of actor Paul Walker. I enjoyed many of his movies. I loved the Fast and the Furious franchise and of course loved his character of Brian O’Connor. His death was so sudden and traumatic that at first I did not believe it to be true. I also thought it was extremely ironic that he died in a car accident. His quote, I’m sure has given many people piece of mind, “If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I will be smiling”. He died doing what he loved. I agree with your statement about how life is short and things happen without notice. Taking advantage of life and cherishing every moment is so important. RIP Paul Walker.

  2. I was a huge fan of his and the Fast and Furious franchise so I too can attest to the impact it made on his fan base. It amazes me how someone you don’t know personally can still have a pull on our emotions. I agree completely with wanting to be a point in life where you are proud of what you have accomplished when death arrives. I hope I have at least a few more years on earth to be able to travel and see the world’s beauty before it is my time. And if I could be as lucky as Paul Walker to die doing with what I love I will be okay with my death.

  3. Paul Walker is a true example of someone living their life to the fullest. He was content enough with what he accomplished during his life that he was able to say that if he died do not be sad because he was smiling doing what he loves. Paul Walkers embrace of the possibility of his death is lesson to the world that fear should not hold you back from doing what you love to do. Skydivers are the same way, even though they know there is a high risk many of them believe that if they could choose a way to die it would be for them to die skydiving because it is what they love.

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