Unresolved Questions

The afterlife is a point of interest and wonder for a lot of us. Do we really know where we are going to end up when we die? Are we really just an expendable body destined to decompose or are we a vessel for a soul or spirit? We have our faiths or beliefs in what will happen to us. There is such a wide variety of beliefs of what happens to us when we die. There are those that believe that once we die we are food for the fishes, while others believe in reincarnation or an ultimate heaven where we are free from the negativities of the earthly world.


 I am a confirmed Catholic but am not really religious. I have influence from my ancestor’s beliefs in hell and heaven as well that mix with the Christian teachings I have also been exposed to. My ancestors believed that our lives on earth is the hell we experience. There is no separate hell like in Catholicism or other Christian churches believe. Hell is on earth and when we die, we are liberated from this and our souls are at peace. I tend to believe this more so than the Christian belief of a hell and heaven above and below us so to speak. However, with Catholic belief, there is the belief in demonic activity and paranormal activity and exorcisms. These are often popularized by the move industry. This also ties into death. The terrorizing entity is that of a dead person or demon if that is what one believes. There is a lot of evidence in these occurrences which calls into question what a soul is. It also calls into question the beliefs in demons and spirits. How do we define a soul or a spirit that inhabits a body? Are demons real? What ARE demons?  Are they dead people gone bad? The questions all deal with life after death and there are so many and there is so little we can do about answering any of them. That is the beauty of death I think.


There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to life after death when compared to what we DO know about death. We know that we die. We know what it means to die (well, mostly) and we know that it is inevitable. Beyond this, it is all speculation which is what I find so interesting. Within myself I have several beliefs and ideas. These are a few that mix in with the cornucopia of other ideas and beliefs of people all around the world from different religions and traditions. It is the unknown that makes this fun to think about and creates wonder. What fun is there knowing where we go? What good would it do us? Finally, do we really want to know and if we did, would we like the answer?




2 thoughts on “Unresolved Questions

  1. I really like a statement you made in your post where you discuss your own beliefs and how they are a mixture of several different ideas from different cultures. I like the idea of deviating from tradition and drawing from these different influences to build your own faith. With the growth of technology and the ease of communication we are facing new questions as a society and it takes the melding of traditions paired with innovative thinking to provide answers. I think that the same is true in a theological sense. We are not the same as a people as we were years ago and we can learn from traditions and expand them using our own experiences to help us live successfully.

  2. I love the statement you made about the purpose of knowing what will happen to us after we die. We might be a death denying culture but that does not mean we deny the topic of what will happen after death. It is a more accepted topic because people want to feel “safe” and “secure” after death, but there is no guarantee. The only guarantee is that we will die and dwelling on what will or will not happen after isn’t going to change anything.

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