Why Suicide?

Suicide is one of the topics that have resonated with me from class. Suicide can be defined in several ways. Acts of self-inflicted harm and a person’s ability to accept the terms of their life are two signs of a person who could be thinking of committing suicide. A person who is depressed or a person who doesn’t think they have a way out often thinks suicide is their only relief. It’s important to see the warning signs of people who have negative thoughts consistently. Warning signs of suicide include substance abuse, anger, hopelessness, mood changes, and anxiety. Risk factors of suicide depend on culture, personality, individual situations and psychological disorders. It is important to be able to see the warning signs in someone who is having problems within their life, with the proper help it could be avoided all together. Doing something is better than doing nothing, providing a helping hand and care to those who are suffering will only help them. Intervention is key and there are several steps in order for it to be successful. Things like watching for clues of negative behaviors and offering a constructive alternative can be key in helping a person through a very difficult time in their life. The number one indicator that one will commit suicide is previous attempts at taking their own life. To most people this is a cry out for help. When people cry out for help, its not typically to take ones life but to solve an issue in their life.  There are two types of suicide as an escape from life and reality. Rational suicide is common in later life and it is intended to end physical or mental suffering. Referred suicide is with a person’s self-concept and a problem within their life. It seems the majority of people who have committed suicide were fighting some type of demon the their life, and in their eyes it is the only relief, selfish or not.



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