BLOG 4- Suicide



When I was a junior in high school, my family and I had gone through something tragic that had happened in my family. My aunt had committed suicide and since then it became the hardest thing ever for all of us. My aunt was always close to me. She was like my second mom and understood me more than anyone did. It’s been four years since she passed away and there’s not one day that I don’t miss her dearly. My aunt was the happiest woman I ever met and she never had a problem with anything.

I took Death and Dying because I really wanted to learn about the emotional aspects of death. Even though it has been four years since my aunt passed away, I still get depressed thinking about her and always wonder what caused her to commit suicide in the first place. By taking this class, I was hoping I would get a better understanding as to how people grieve and whether it is okay to grieve. When I heard about this class, it really got me interested since I thought I could open up to people that might have similar stories such as mine.

After taking this class, I feel much better now than how I was before walking into that class in the beginning of the semester. This class had taught me that it is completely okay and healthy to grieve. This class has taught me that there are different phases of grief and I now know that the one that I am going through is the period of acceptance where one has to move forward with a life that can not be changed. This one death really changed my life but I really am trying to move on. I wish that I could go back in time to change it, but life is life and it just continues on.

Overall, our culture is a death and denying culture. Many people try not to think of death of their loved ones or even themselves. But in the end, death is irreversible so cherish the moments you have with the ones you love. I’m glad that I took this class because it helped me understand more about death and especially my losses.


3 thoughts on “BLOG 4- Suicide

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. I have experienced a lot more loss in the past 2 years then I ever thought I would, which is part of the reason I took this class. I think experiencing a death so close really changes you. It’s hard to know if what you’re going through is “normal”. Like you, I feel much better after taking this class and learning that there are normal ranges of grief and that not everyone experiences loss the same way. Although death is never an easy thing to deal with, it does make it easier to know that grieving isn’t only normal but it is also healthy. I also feel like this class helped to give me some coping skills for future losses.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss and I appreciate your you sharing this with us. It’s good that you have become more open to talking about something that hurts you so much. Even though grieving may be different from person to person and there is really no wrong way to grieve, I’m glad that you learned that your way was just fine. Like you said, after a death it’s okay to grieve but we must move on. Death is something that we can’t change; it’s best to deal and move on.

  3. I too decided to discuss the topic of suicide for my last blog. I am terribly sorry about your loss and I applaud you for being strong enough to talk about such a difficult subject especially with your own personal experience. I was in a dark time at one point and on the recovery when I saw this class in Oasis. I decided to take it after a lot of weird looks from family and friends, I am so happy I did. Even though at some points in the year I had a hard time going to class and discussing certain discussions. I am glad we can live a healthier life from now on.

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