My journey in life has been based on my faith and hope in better tomorrows. I was brought up catholic in a Hispanic culture, in which we celebrate El Senor De Los Milagros in October. For us Peruvians October is a celebration of faith and reassurance that God exists and we will have our final judgement. My father told me the legend of how a small town was under slavery and they were banned to pray and practice their religion from the conquistadores. There was a man who heard the voice of God with the instructions to paint a mural on a wall. A devastating earthquake took out the town, hundreds died but the mural lived through. It is a symbol of the existence of a higher power, so we celebrate it in my traditions. 

However, in regards to death and dying faith is an important role to understand too. My faith and traditions come from what I was brought to understand and learn to pass on to my children and a way for me to live my life. I carry the patron saint in October make my prayers and release myself from anguish and sorrow. But everyday I know that my beliefs and prayers go to the sky in reassurance that my days are laid out to one day go to heaven. The first time I carried the saint I was in my early teens, and every October since then I wear my heels and purple I make my prayer in the hopes that my family will be safe for the year to follow. 

Faith does not have to come from a religious man who goes to church on Sunday, I believe it is merited by the good that is in your heart and the actions you carry out in living. You must be compassionate and honest, share the wealth that is granted to your privilege with those who have nothing, and always forgive those who have done you wrong.

The journey through the white light, long tunnel, or endless sea can  be the most liberating experience one has because in the end you are finally in the most peaceful existence of the world. Until then make sure you live your life whole kindheartedly so when you look back in the years past you close your eyes and patiently await your light.


4 thoughts on “Faith

  1. I loved this blog! It was something different than the rest and I got to learn about something I’ve never heard about, “El Senor De Los Milagros.” I am a Hispanic catholic myself and this is the first time I’ve heard about this, I am not Peruvian though, I’m Puerto Rican. It sounds really interesting and I really like the legend about the moral because it really does show how there is a higher power. The main thing I really enjoyed reading was when you said going to church every Sunday does not mean you are religious nor have faith. It is about how we live life the way we’re supposed to.

  2. Your blog was wonderful! I also am very religious, so for me I also have had very little fear of death. Although I am protestant, I agree that there is something wonderful to look forward to at the end of our days. Which is what made this class so interesting for me since I believe that Christ has saved me from my sin and self, and because of His grace and righteousness I have a hope for tomorrow, and every day from now until the end. That being said, it is important to use the days that we do have to glorify Him, and love and care for all those we come into contact with.

  3. For Puerto Ricans we also have a day that we celebrate in regards to our faith. Its on January 6th and we call it Dia de los Reyes, ‘The Day of the Kings’. This is when the three kings came to visit Jesus Christ and gave him gifts. Personally, I am not very religious so I do not celebrate these days, but it is nice to see people have something to believe in. It is natural for people to have their faith and honestly its something worth while to visit. I love going to other peoples churches and experience have they practice their faith.

  4. ” Faith the size of a mustard seed can move any mountain ” I agree with your statement in that you need to be religious to be faithful. Some faithful people are far from religious and in times of trials and tribulations prove to be more faithful than those that are religious. Religious is important and it does help is to get through the obstacles face especially that of the loss of a loved one, prayer helps calm the soul and it eases the mind.

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