Elderly perspectives on Death

My uncle on the right

My uncle on the right

When I was conducting my interview with my 75 year old uncle I was amazed at just how insightful he was. Through all his years he had gained so many different experiences that I could only dream of. I felt very comforted actually talking to him about death and dying. A topic that was so scary to me was almost a non issue for him. I do not mean that he took it lightly or disregarded it, but he seemed to be at peace with the fact that he would die. He related it to being energy and that we would be uniting with the one ultimate energy (God) after our death, and when he put it that way , it felt so complex to me but yet so simple and comforting at the same time. I loved every second of the interview. We went on a few tangents of his college life and the people he lived with. The overall experience for me was one of immense learning and intellectual nourishment.

He told my about the difficulties he had with losing so many loved ones and friends over the years. At this point I could not help but feel sad for this man. He told me about losing his wife back in 2004 and how even now sometimes he has intense feelings of loneliness and sadness and how he always thinks about her. I have the feeling that it is easier for him to think about himself dying than the fact that his wife died. When I heard this from him I remembered what we learned in class about how a spouse feels when they lose their significant other. Although I understood it on an intellectual level at the time I only really comprehended how tough it must be when my uncle talked to me about losing his wife.

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