How do doctor’s die?

How do doctor’s die?  It’s an interesting question as doctors are the very people that have trained for twenty, thirty, or forty years to prevent death.  Although, it’s an infrequent conversation, doctors DO DIE and they don’t die like the rest of us.  Check out the article “How do Doctor’s Die“, that I received this morning via email.  The essay starts with a straightforward premise—doctors die, but they die differently than the rest of us.  By the time you scroll to the comments section, you’ll see that it becomes a heated debate, so much so, that a followup essay, “Doctors Really Do Die Differently,” was needed!

Personal Death Awareness

One of the most helpful ways to understand your personal awareness of death is to take a moment to recall the number of times TODAY that you’ve thought about your own death.  Your personal death awareness is a fluctuating phenomenon, moving up and down daily…some days, the thought of your own death may never have crossed your mind; whereas other days, you may find yourself seriously pondering your own death and mortality.

Yesterday in class, we examined our own personal death awareness and looked at the death that we most and least preferred.  Here’s what our class said:



If I Die Young….

On the heels of Sunday’s VMAs, conversations have been swirling about music and culture.  Who’s to blame about Miley’s performance?  Will Taylor Swift ever stop bad mouthing her exes? Well, music has a place in conversations about Death and Dying, too!  Too often our spoken language shies away from death.  We are a culture that avoids talking about death over holidays and at the dinner table.  Instead, we hold conversations about death and dying in hospitals, nursing homes, and other corners of society.  But music, as do most forms of art, makes us talk about controversial topics.  Instead of tip toeing around the issue, art spearheads a discussion about sensitive issues.  Take, Picasso’s Guernica.  The chaos in the painting makes you want to talk about it.  But what is it that we are suppose to talk about?  Well, for Guernica its DEATH–the deaths that were caused by the bombings on Guernica.

The same is true for music.  A few years back, the Band Perry hit it big with a song that included DEATH its title–IF I DIE YOUNG.

How is it that artists aren’t scared to express their feelings about death, but too often we relegate such discussions to dark hallways of hospitals?  What songs have you heard that talk about death?  Does music make it easier to talk about death?  Be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Welcome to Dying Well


Although we are surrounded by death on a daily basis, few people choose to openly discuss the topic.  This semester, we will be using our blog as a way to jump start conversation about death and dying.  Our blog is designed to challenge our current ideas about death and to examine our personal attitudes toward end-of-life.  Throughout the semester we will use our blog as a medium to continue class discussions and to delve deeper into the subject matter.  Our blog is an informal place where we can learn, explore, and develop new ideas.  So, let’s get blogging!