Ending on a good note


When it comes to end of life decisions one word is never in attendance: Certainty. At multiple points within anyone’s life looking at the cessation of it all is one thing that many prefer to never take a gander at, however this same condoning causes issues in further life. In the situation that something malignant and extremely unfortunate were to occur the person would be heavily disadvantaged. I believe in order for this to become something of the past, talking about death must move from taboo into socially acceptable normality. Health care professionals are placed in a position to delineate and explain pros and cons of certain pathways at end of life.

Regardless of this delineation that must occur by health care professionals they should never be considered final choice makers for those who are in dire situations. It is up to those afflicted to balance out the situation and decide in which direction they would like to lead the end of their life. It is shocking to think that something so incredibly important is shooed off to the side in almost all of american culture. Our death avoidance results in issues resulting from a lack of information based around advanced directives.

This reduced communication can lead to lack of understanding. I believe that once educated, family members can decide and understand when prolonging life is beneficial and when it is not. Towards the end of any terminal illness it is most likely not worth it to be stuck on ventilation tubes, morphine pumps, and feeding tubes. I believe it is much more simple to allow for the course of the natural disease to take place. It is not in the hands of anyone except for those who are within close relation to the ailed and the person who is suffering the illness.

Medicine for Life

Medicine should recognize at a sooner point than it currently does,  at which point treatment will be irrelevant and when it will make the difference.  If our medical officials can spend more time and realize that a patient has undergone far too much damage to repair they should look into reducing the amount of experimental medications, trial procedures, and extension methods they use. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on methods which may not even have a good shot at affecting the patient, they should take that money and invest it within a research program which may develop further ideas on the subject.

Now as far as concerning the patients status, they should be cared for in a manner which allows the passing of life to be a simple,convenient, and comfortable end. This is a huge leap from today’s medical system which will go to as far lengths such as placing patients on ventilators which breath for them, tubes that feed them, and various other methods to give a person seeming traits of someone who is alive. Instead of this endless struggle to chase after life they should pull their efforts in the direction of allowing a ease in the person’s last days or months. For my own particular sake i would much rather have a relaxing last month which I had the ability to enjoy, as compared to a prolonged 5 year death which i was incessantly placed on experimental medications. These incessant trips to the hospital, the nerve wracking procedures, and the false hopes that come along with the current medical system is a route I’d much rather not be on. Sort of in the style of hospice today I would opt for a program which would allow me to go through a much more relaxed end of life instead of trying to force more years into my life.

The Titanic

One movie that comes to mind once the topic of death is brought up is “The Titanic” . One of the most memorable movies of the 20th Century comes to climax once the main character played by Leonardo Dicaprio releases his hand from a wooden board that can only support one person in order to protect the women he loves. This brings about the idea that death is a inevitability within our society, he had no option but to let go if he wanted the safety of his lover. While it is a valiant effort it creates this falsity that all situations in which a death occurs will be this grandiose matter which occurs in surreal surroundings.

Many times within this world people are removed without a moment to rejoice, remember, or greet those that they loved. Be it a sudden accident or an unexpected catastrophe many deaths occur in an immediate manner rather than the slow and romantic death portrayed within “The Titanic”. Regardless of its rather narrow view of death, there is one major point that it brings out which is universal to most human society, grievance. Even 80 years after the whole situation unfolded the women who was once in love remembers the whole event and explains it in story form to young children. This shows the strong impact that occurs once a loved one is lost, it is something that transcends time indefinitely. Ironically as Leonardo Dicaprio releases his grip from the wooden board that is keeping him alive he utters the words “Never let go” prior to his slow and chilling loss of grip that floats him to the depths of the ocean.  Even After an excessive amount of time letting go is not something that ever occurred in the mind of the women who truly loved him, and that is a pivotal demonstration of the effect death has upon humanity.