“Come back, come back.” Those are words that many people will remember after watching one of history’s most iconic movies, Titanic. The scene of which Jack dies ended up being one of the most emotionally powerful death scenes ever portrayed in a movie. Now, there are multiple reasons for this such as the sheer emotion shown by Rose, and the importance of the event in which it happened due to. 

Death in Titanic isn’t something surprising. Left and right, people are losing their lives one way or another whether it be due to the temperature, falling or blunt force trauma from collapse. But, the death of Jack wasn’t portrayed as ‘just another’ death in the film or in the Titanic event; it was portrayed as a climax in the movie and an important signification of the end for the movie. His death was not portrayed as viciously as others, such as the one shown jumping from the rear of the ship and colliding with the propellers. His death was portrayed as more of a slow, almost painless death. I feel that the directors did an excellent job distinguishing between the different types of deaths. Showing so many during the sinking scene and demonstrating all the different ways people lost their lives that night helped people grasp the emotional intensity of Jack’s death versus the physicality of it. 

Titanic was portrayed as a massive, once in a blue moon event in the media upon its occurrence. The media though, instead of focusing on certain people dying headlines read more along the lines of “Thousands pass away on Titanic sinking”. This is similar in many mass death events. Not one or multiple people are focused on and mourned over but more so mourned over in a group as if making it less meaningful. I personally feel that the media normally does a decent job at portraying death. Now, as many know, the media doesn’t portray death of normal everyday people, but usually only important people. Michael Jackson’s tragic death is one that comes to mind. Although Jackson went through years of trials and tribulations, after he died, the media did a pretty good job at excluding talk over these allegations and focused more on a celebration of the mans life. This, however, was not the case with Titanic as the media focused just on the sinking and the amount of deaths rather than the importance of them. 

I feel this movie does a good job at demonstrating how America currently deals with death even though this event happened more than a century ago. It seems that when death occurs, the amount matters very much on how the American public handles it. If one person dies, a family mourns; if a celebrity dies, fans mourn; but if a hundred people die in a plane accident, people call for reasons and reach a generalization on the loss of life in that particular event.