Pros and Cons of Medicine

Even though the specific use of medicine is to increase people’s health and make them better. Even if it is just as simple as the common cold and getting medicine for that or to the extreme where you have been diagnosed with cancer and are in need of medicine to improve your condition.

Like most things in life, medicine is not guaranteed to help your situation. For instance in the story Sara was told that about eighty percent of people responded to the medicine she was going to be taking but then in her case it did not help at all. She then had to experience very gruesome side effects and be switched to other multiple medications that they hoped would work.

I know that it is no one’s fault if a medicine does not work on a specific person because all people are different and have different things going on in their body that will make things affect them differently but I do believe that if a medicine cannot save your life then it needs to at least cause no harmful side effects and preferably slow down whatever illness may be happening. In the article it showed that all the chemo therapy, which puts a patient’s body through traumatic events, had done absolutely nothing at all. In fact her tumors had grown substantially. In my opinion this is outrageous. We have access to so many treatments and Sara was put through a horrible experience with extremely toxic treatments and nothing positive came out of it for her.

I am sure that everyone would love for medicine to be around that completely cured you or halted the process of an illness but in reality that is impossible. The medical field has come so far that one day I at least hope to see a medication that will slow down the illness process if it cannot save your life.


The Sixth Sense


The sixth sense is about a boy who is capable to communicate with spirits but the spirits do not know they are dead. He then begins to see a “disheartened” child psychologist, played by Bruce Willis. This movie does a great job of portraying multiple different ways people deal with and think about death.

The first thing I noticed is that no one believed this little boy when he explained what was happening to him. Everyone’s first thought is just that he is crazy and making things up. This is able to show that people are either scared to believe someone could actually be seeing spirits or they are death denying and do not even want to think of something like that being possible.

When the little boy first starts seeing these spirits he is completely terrified of them. This is their way of showing how completely afraid of death people really are. It is an uncomfortable topic and even though we all know it has to happen eventually we are one hundred percent terrified of it, especially at a younger age. When the boy begins seeing his psychologist, Bruce Willis, Bruce begins to help him look at it a different way. This shows that adults are capable of a more rational, less terrified way to look at death. As the movie goes on they come to find out that the spirits are actually reaching out to this little boy to help them move on and find out what really happened to them. By the spirits not moving on this portrays the aspect of death that people are not always ready to let go and they do not want to.  At the very end of the movie you come to find out that Bruce Willis is actually a ghost himself and more so seeking his own counsel on how to cope and realize his own death.

As I stated before this movie does an amazing job showing the variety of different ways people think of death but ultimately it does show that we are a death denying culture. People either just don’t talk about it, don’t believe it, or are terrified of it and all of these are portrayed in just this single movie.