Letting Go

            What should medicine do when it cannot save your life? When I originally read this question, I wasn’t sure where to begin or even what to think. First thought was; are our lives really at the hands of medicine? Is medicine really what prevents death or does it prolong “life” while you are in and out of hospitals with the medical bills soaring through the roof?

I feel as if the biggest factor in dealing with medical procedures and medicine is the family’s financial obligation. The United States may have some of the best health care in the world but we are very far from the top when discussing medical costs. When a patient is informed that treatment will no longer improve their life, is it worth it to stretch your life out and put the burden and heartache on your loved ones. To most, I believe it would be worth the stress to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible. Personally, I believe medicine should only be administered in those situations when it is 100% able to improve one’s life. If someone is terminally ill and medicine and technology are the only things maintaining life than I believe medicine is only interfering with the natural ways of life and should not be given to the patient.

When you’re young and healthy you don’t take time out of your day to think about what you would like to happen if you were in a serious accident, so you may have a set mind state now until something tragic happens to you. Everyone has their own opinions on whether they would like their lives to be sustained in a vegetative state on life support or if they would prefer to be taken of and pass away peacefully to end the pain. I believe that every individual is entitled to their own choice of what treatments they receive to sustain life but are you really living if you can’t do one daily activity by yourself? You can’t get up to go to the restroom, so you go on yourself. You can’t feed yourself, so they shove a tube down your throat. Is that really living? I believe our society has become too dependent on medications to keep us going instead of living out a natural healthy life with a good diet and exercise. It’s safe to say everyone would like to die as peacefully as possible and if medicine can ease a person’s mind from pain and depression than I think towards the end of one’s life, medicine is beneficial in making one’s final days as comfortable as possible.


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go” – Hermann Hesse

Marley and Me



When the topic of death occurring within a movie or TV show comes up, plenty of ideas come to my head. One in particular that comes up was one that Ihave recently watch, Marley and Me. This movie is based on a young couple who are movie south to Florida for a nice change of scenery. They decide to adopt a dog and their final decision winds up being a yellow lab who they name, Marley. The second the dog is brought to their new home, the dog goes crazy and tears into everything, destroying everything in its path. As time passes, the dog begins to settle into the home and the young couple truly sees how much they love the dog. As you are viewing this movie you cannot help but fall in love with Marley. As we all know, every good thing must come to an end and Marley falls very sick with no chance of being saved. Marley is soon put to sleep and dies in his best friends arms.

Death in this film is shown by the beginning of suffering and soon after, passing away peacefully with loved ones by their side. Death occurs in many forms every single day and the loved ones

who have to endure their passing all have different methods of coping with the loss. I believe the portrayal of death is useful within this film because you can interpret it as an elderly couple sleeping together, holding one another, when one passes away peacefully in their sleep.

I believe the media does a terrible job at portraying death to our society and all its viewers. When you turn on the news, I cant remember the last time they played a 5 minute segment of something positive. Every message they give is about the catastrophes occurring around the world and the immense amounts of suffering. Never do you turn your tv on to hear “Jane Doe, active member in the community, passed away last night holding her husband of 65 years hand. She will be missed by many.” I believe this to be a big reason as to why people in our society have such a negative outlook on death and dying.  I don’t think they do a good job of showing the diverse ways our culture deals with death because I feel like the way they display death is more of a one-way street. I definitely believe that the way the media portrays death and dying and a “death denying culture.” Maybe if they were to change the way they discussed the topics of death society as a whole can grow together in better understanding the concept of how prevalent death is in our daily lives.

I would highly recommend this movie. 🙂

Here’s the trailer to the film: