“Letting Go”


It is hard to know when it is time to “let go.” While I was reading the article, it seemed to me that Sara and her family already discussed what to do with her life but they kept trying to prolong it. Situations like these make me wonder what medicine should do when it cannot save life. Sara kept trying to battle her cancer but the reality is that the treatments were not helping much at all; it was actually making it worse. Not everyone can handle situation in which they know they are dying and cannot face it but the way I see it, is that she should have enjoyed her last couple of months instead of trying treatment after treatment. Eventually there has to be a time to let go. I definitely got emotional at the end when her husband says “It’s O.K. to let go, you don’t have to fight anymore. I will see you soon.” It must be so hard going through something like that when you know your loved one wants to keep going and stay strong but in reality, there’s not much that can be done.

What to do when someone is nearing the end is totally up to that person. I believe everyone has the right to decide what they want to do when it comes to death and how they want to die because everyone’s situation is different. Medicine helps us live longer and bring a sense of hope to the family but some treatments and surgeries are really hard on the body which can make the patient worse. There is no win win. Sara wanted to die at home, not in a hospital. If she would have done hospice instead of treatment after treatment, she probably would have been more comfortable in a different sitting. Like the article says, “Hospice deploys nurses, doctors, and social workers to help people with a fatal illness have the fullest possible lives right now. That means focusing on objectives like freedom from pain and discomfort, or maintaining mental awareness for as long as possible, or getting out with family once in a while.” In the end, death is something that affects everyone involved and it is never easy but it is up to the patient when they realize that medicine is not going to save you, just let go and enjoy what you have left. 


Desperate Housewives



When I think about a show that portrays death, I automatically think of Desperate Housewives. I have been a fan of this show since the beginning and there had been many deaths through out the eight seasons the show had. Desperate Housewives is a drama series that follows the life of four women that live on Wisteria Lane in a suburban neighborhood. The show is portrayed through the eyes of a neighbor that committed suicide in the first episode. The show continues by showing the struggles of life and the hidden secrets all the housewives had. It is a great series with comedy, drama, and mystery. 

As you can see, death was introduced in the very first episode when the neighbor committed suicide. It was something unexpected and a very strong topic to bring up right away in the start of a new series. Throughout the seasons, there were many deaths that involved murder, shooting, suicide, and overdose. There were many different ways in which the characters would die. I do feel like most of the death were helpful in the way that the way the deaths occurred were realistic. But many of the situations were random and unrealistic to the way things really happen. I feel like shows like these make death look like it is the way out when things do not go the right way. Most of the characters in the show did not die of naturally causes and murder just became a norm throughout the series. With every death that occurred, the community in the show acted like any neighborhood would; sad and speechless. They would mourn, attend the funeral, and show their respect to loved ones. The way the characters would die would seem unrealistic at times but the way society would react seemed more realistic in the way most people in that situation would act. The show does a great job at showing that sometimes accidents do happen and people end up dying, whether in a tragic way or by a natural cause. 

One of my favorite parts of the show has to be the finale of the series. The series ended with one of the main characters driving down the the street looking at all the houses and thinking of all the memories she had while living there. As she is driving down looking at each house, it shows the ghost of all the people that have died throughout the series looking and smiling at her. To me, that was a great way to show how even though they have died, they were always there looking after her and many people believe that happens when a loved one has died. Overall I definitely feel media influences our understanding of death and dying. Desperate Housewives is a great show that demonstrates that. Click on the link to show the final scene in which shows the ghost and shows how each character has dead throughout the series.