Pretty Little Liars

ImageThe ABC Family television series Pretty Little Liars is based on the main characters tragic and unexpected death. In the show, the police find evidence of foul play, but are unable to pin point the actual killer. As the series progresses, the young woman, Allison, four best friends try to find the killer by themselves. All the while, horrible things are happening to them and they are being threatened. We watch the characters go through many phases in which they try to cope with Allison’s death. All four of the women go through the process of grieving in a different way than the other. 


I think that this show portrays multiple ways in which people deal with death. One of the girls is quite open about her death, another avoids the topic at all cost, another drowns herself in the sorrows and tries to find the killer, and another character is almost angry towards the situation. It even shows the almost awkwardness, like we talked about in class, when someone grieves in a public setting. This show also tries to put a positive light on the death and show that the main characters four best friends became closer through this process of grieving. 


The idea that America is a death denying culture is prevalent in this show. I say this because, most of the characters, when asked about Allison’s death, choose not to talk about it or become visibly uncomfortable. The characters also hide how they actually feel about her untimely death in most of the show. 


With the many plot twists and turns in this show, the idea of death becomes overshadowed at some points and the writers focus more on the drama of other situations. I think that this is another thing that we tend to do as a society. Almost an, “I’m too busy to think about this right now” type of attitude. 


Below is the link to the theme song of this TV series. One of the lines being, “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”.