The Death Even Death Won’t Talk About

The topic I have decided to discuss for my final blog is suicide. As we have learned in this class, America is a death denying culture. However, I think that out of all occurrences of death and dying suicide is the least comfortable to discuss. I believe this for a few reasons. Firstly, nobody likes to think that somebody would take their own life before their time. It is heavily influenced by depression and sadness which causes those closest to the person to feel a sense of responsibility for the death. Family members will struggle with the concepts that they did not do enough to help while others will feel angry that they were never asked for help. I would go as far to say that the grief and coping that comes with a suicidal type death is the most damaging to the human psyche. Most significantly, I believe that suicide deaths are so hard to discuss because there has been a point in every single person’s life that they briefly considered the “easy way out”. Now, whether or not they will admit to this or not deep down we all know it is true. Therefore, when someone close commits suicide, it brings to the surface everyone’s darkest points of their past. This is why we try so hard to dismiss and push back any kind of feelings for a suicidal related death.

Depression has run rampant through America these past few decades especially in college campuses. Some studies theorized that due to the rising increase in social Medias and texting people no longer know how to be alone with their thoughts. I walk around campus here and it is difficult to find someone without head phones in their ears or a phone in their hand. When people are shut off from these mediums they feel like they are alone. If we cannot find a way to lower the rising depression levels, I believe we will see a sudden jump in the number of suicidal deaths in this country.